Follow-Up Sunday

Posted on Sunday, 20 April 2014

It's Sunday which means we get a day off from the 'Blogging from A to Z Challenge'. We wouldn't feel right if we didn't post at all though so we've moved our Follow-Up Friday posts to Sundays for the duration of the April Challenge. 

This post generally wraps up the week by responding to your comments and questions that you have left over the past week. 

L is for Little Ham - 14 April 2014 

M. K. Clinton said: Little Ham is so funny. I love the name Bernie though. You are too adorable! 

I like the name Bernie too, I've yet to meet another Bernie actually! Apparently mum had been decided on my name for well over a year and just before I was born, chose Bernie. She said it was perfect as I couldn't have suited it more. I was such a calm chunky pup apparently, while both my sisters were flippin' bonkers. 

Me, You and Zu said: I love your new nickname, it's very fitting! I also love how the picture is all your L's in one place!

We were quite impressed with the photo and how it fit so nicely in with all the L's too! We didn't even notice until we'd uploaded it. What a result!

M is for Meme - 15 April 2014

Kari Neumeyer said: I love it! Can you share Batman's secret identity?

Unfortunately not. I have been sworn to secrecy! And you really don't want to mess with The Batman, trust me. He's already threatened to run me over with the Bat-Mobile because I pee'd on Robin the other day. It was an accident - I didn't see him, honest!

N is for New - 16 April 2014

BichonFrise Ted said: Some excited things to come then! Your new house sounds like it's in such a beautiful location very jealous I wish I lived near a beach. Love Ted x x

Ted, it's amazing. I've been to the beach at least twice a week since we've been here. You'd absolutely love it! I've met so many nice Bichon friends down here too. You Bichons are pretty cool! - I never knew! 

Jessica French said: Wow! Lots of exciting things are happening for you and your family Bernie! I hope your mummy isn't too stressed out with everything that's going on though! Wilf is so pretty! I would love to live in Devon, or even visit! I love the countryside, so much better than the city! Lots of love, Jessica, Charlie Boy, Roman and Brooke xxxx

She's a little stressed, I would be too. I'm doing my best by giving her cuddles when she needs them and by licking her face in the mornings to make sure she wakes up on the right side of the bed. I have to agree, the country is SO much better! This move was the best thing we did x

Jenna,Mark Drady said: Awwww!!!!! That was so cute! Well said!!!! We love ya Bernie! And you are incredibly adorable, and not in an ugly way either!!! thanks for linking up with us! ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack

Thank you :) That's so nice of you. Thank you for the kind comment and for stopping by.

P is for Puppy Photos - 18 April 2014

OhMyShihTzu said: oMST!!! No wonder you turned out so cute!!! You were a cute puppy too!

Don't you know it?! Mum's surprised the breeder let me go! She would have kept me if she didn't already have an entire male Staffordshire Bull Terrier under her roof. Apparently someone came in and offered double what my mum paid but the lady that bred me said "No way, the right home is more important than any amount of money". What a heart of gold :)

Q is for Quotes - 19 April 2014

M. K. Clinton said: As a fellow quote-aholic, I salute you! Haha! Those are wonderful and fit the pictures so well! Have a great weekend!

Thank you for the kind comments. We really enjoyed creating these photos to put this post together. Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Harleo - Adventures of Two Golden Doodles said: I love them all, but the first photo along with the first quote is my favorite! Happy Easter Bernie

That one is also our favourite, we're glad you enjoyed it too. Happy Easter to you too.

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  1. Happy Easter Berns!!!!!!

    Lots of Woofs from Earl an I at Earl's World!

  2. Ohh Happy Easter Bernie! I love your picture so much!
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x



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