Ezydog Quickfit Harness

Posted on Friday, 9 August 2013

I got a package! Mum has gone back to walking me on a harness as I kept choking myself with my collar because she wouldn't walk quick enough! The thing is though.. I've pretty much outgrown my old harness so mum decided it was time for a new one.

She only ordered it on Wednesday night from the EzyDog website! I can't believe it's here already - such a quick delivery!

It's the black Quickfit Harness. The material is super tough and well padded around the chest. Mum says it's easy to adjust the size and even easier to put on! The fitment is okay but could be better. I don't think they've taken big chested dogs into consideration in regards to the sizing. It doesn't fall to one side like other harnesses tend to do on me but I think it's sitting a bit tight under my front legs - I hope it doesn't rub.


Pooch Pack!

My very first Pooch Pack arrived! Yippee! Continue reading to find out what I thought of each item!

Gorflex Gizmo - I was unsure of this at first but then mum made it squeak and put little treats in the groove and it became absolutely brilliant! I loved rolling around on the floor with this one.

BecoHoop - As you can see, this was the first item that caught my interest. It's brilliant for playing tug O war and it smells really good too!

Hungry Hector treats - We got two different type of Hungry Hector treats in the box and my goodness they are scrummy!! I've been sitting by the box in hope that mum will notice and give me more.

Natural Way Salmon and Potato Biscuits - I love biscuits.... But I love fish more! These were especially nice and there's loads in the bag!

I can't wait for the next pooch pack to arrive!!


Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted on Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Being a flat faced pooch with lots of skin folds, I tend to suffer from quite bad tear staining. I have tried various things in the past; olive oil, sudocrem, shop bought tear stain removers... But nothing really worked. 

Then mum read about Apple Cider Vinegar which supposedly neutralises the reddish colour and makes the tears come out clear. I've been having a teaspoon of it daily in my water bowl for the last two months and my dog, has it made such a difference!!! And I don't even mind the taste!

I highly recommend this. Mum says it's so cheap compared to other methods and very easy to use ;)


I don't like this heat :(

It's too hot out. My half hour walks have turned to five minute walks. Mum keeps putting me in the bath and soaking me with cool water. I've had a horrible upset tummy which required a trip to the vets, tablets and this horrible paste that makes me pull funny faces.

I'm excited about my pooch pack though, which should be arriving any day soon! This will be my first one and I can't wait to see what they've sent me. Check back as I shall be doing a review on it.


Fridays Frenchie Find

Posted on Friday, 12 July 2013

Starting today, every Friday I'm going to list my Favourite Frenchie finds! (Try saying that quickly 5 times!)

As it's summer, mum and myself really like this CANVAS BAG

What's not to like?! It's covered in pictures of her favourite breed AND it's big enough to fit ALL my toys in to take to the beach with us


Goodbye pink nose

Posted on Thursday, 11 July 2013

A couple of months ago, I started to lose the pigment on my nose. The silly vet said it would go completely pink and I'd never have a black nose again. Good thing my mum knows better.

You can see in this rather gorgeous photo of me just how pink my nose really got. It's not uncommon for dogs to lose the pigment on their nose. Some noses will change colour with the seasons. This is known as 'Snow Nose'. As long as the nose was black to begin with, you can always get the pigment back.

After speaking to a very helpful lady who works at Dorwest, we purchased their Elderberry & Nettle Extract for £13.40 and I have been having a quarter of a teaspoon every day for the last 2 months. Mum just adds it to my kibble. We purchased the 125ml bottle which will have lasted us just under 3 months (we still have a quarter of the bottle left).

Grumpy as hell but I wanted to show you guys how my much my darker my nose has gotten. I reckon in a months time my nose will be completely black again.

I shall do a post at some point listing all of the supplements I take and the reasons I take them as they have all improved my health and appearance so much!

Compare the two photos again and look at just how much my tear stains have improved! You'll have to watch this space if you want to know my secret. Until next time... x


Meet my best 'bottle' buddy...

Posted on Friday, 21 June 2013

Oh my dog! Mum got me the best toy EVER yesterday!! A bottle buddy from Plush Puppies and of course she got me the monkey one! She knows I love anything that has a monkeys face on it.

I played with it all night long and after catching up on some much needed sleep it was the first toy I sought out this morning.
I love that it is super tough, crackles and SQUEAKS! Mum says it has a removable bottle inside that has a squeaker in the lid. This means she can keep replacing the squished bottles with new non-squished ones.

Orange Monkey is now my new favourite toy by far - and I have A LOT!

If you guys want your mum or dads to pick you up one, get them down to Pets At Home, they're £8 and worth every penny! Tell 'em Bernie sent ya!


Oh boy oh boy! - Update

Posted on Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Word around town is my mum's getting a new camera!

Watch this space! It will soon be filled with loads new photos of moi! (I learnt some French - trying to live up to my breed name).

Whilst I'm here I shall update you a little on what's been happening...

I LOVE my Eden food so much... but apparently it doesn't love me :( It's very very high in protein, which is great but it's making me throw up often... not good. We're going to trial a new food as soon as mum decides on one. Paws crossed it's as tasty as the Eden food.

As well as a new camera, we are also getting new flooring throughout the house as I have apparently ruined these carpets and no Vax in the world could get them back to what they were before I arrived. Is it wrong that I feel kind of proud :)


If you go down to the woods today...

Posted on Saturday, 15 June 2013

... You'll find me posing in front of the camera!

I've been asked to feature in Septembers issue of Your Dog magazine and they required some hi-res photos of me so off we went to the woods to pose for the camera:

Can you guess which 3 we sent off to the editor?


UrbanPup Hoodie

Posted on Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Ahh! Mum bought me the COOLEST hoodie from UrbanPup!

I look like such a badass! Definitely going to be getting the bitches attention in this bad boy! :P
The delivery was so quick and mum designed it herself by choosing the colours, fonts and what she wanted written.

It's a little long at the moment but I should soon grow into it! I'm 8.6kg now!


Eden review - First impressions!

Posted on Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Mum bought me some new dog food! God, I love that woman!

It's by a company called Eden and it's their Multi-Meat and Fish Formula.

I had previously been eating a raw diet but my tummy wasn't agreeing with it and I had a bit of a choking incident which I believe was the last straw for mum. She has been feeding me temporarily on Wainwrights Turkey and Rice Puppy Kibble which is also a very good food and is one of Pets At Home's brands.

Anyway! The new food arrived and I was so excited to try it as I know mum has been eagerly waiting for it to arrive. I tried a few pieces and I absolutely love it!! Mum is still giving me my old food though that I don't really like. She says it's to "introduce the new food slowly to avoid upset tummies", but that's fine... I'll just pick it out and leave the old stuff in the bowl. HAH!

I'm desperate for some more, it tastes soooo good! I've even been sat in the kitchen giving mum the big puppy dog eyes and licking the bag but she doesn't seem to be taking the hint.

Also, mum wanted me to tell you a little more about the food so here goes:

Rated 5 out of 5 on WhichDogFood.

Fresh Chicken 19%, Dried Chicken 17%, Fresh Salmon 16%, Herring Meal 14%, Potato 10%, Sweet Potato 5%, Chicken Fat 5%, Dried Duck 4%, Dried Whole Egg 3%, Chicken Gravy 2%, Fresh White Fish 2%, Lucerne, Pea Fibre, Mineral & Vitamins, Carrot, Spinach, Apple, Joint Support Pack (Glucosamine (355mg/kg), MSM (355mg/kg) & Chondroitin (250mg/kg)), Rosehips, Camomile, Burdock Root, Aniseed & Fenugreek, Mixed Herbs (Thyme, Marjoram, Oregano and Sage), Seaweed, Cranberry and Prebiotic FOS.

Comes in small and large kibble sizes. Mum bought me the large kibble as I have a big bulldog mouth!

£49.99 for a 15kg bag!

Only the best for moi! I shall let you know how I'm getting on with it in a weeks time.

First impression?... PAWSOME!!!



Pack is the beautiful new home for your dog online. They believe there’s something magical about dogs and the people who love them. They're building something different just for you. Right now you can only join Pack by invitation as it is still in BETA mode but it just so happens, I am giving out invites upon request!


I am 20 weeks old today!

Posted on Monday, 29 April 2013

Woohoo!!! I'm growing so quickly and it's brilliant! I got weighed the other day too when I went into Pets At Home. I weigh 6.5kg!!

We celebrated by going for a lovely long walk in the sunshine. We found a new route that neither of us had been on before so we had a little explore. We ended up at this massive pond and there were these weird things swimming around on the water that I found fascinating.

I totally forgot to update you guys on what happened when I went to the FBCE champ show last Sunday!! Sorry! We met up with Granny P and I even saw my sister!! She is still so little but brilliant fun to play with. Also, there were dogs everywhere and they all looked like me! It was fantastic and I absolutely loved it.

Short but sweet update. Ciao for now!


1st Ringcraft Class

Posted on Thursday, 18 April 2013

Last night I attended my first Ringcraft class and met a new friend! He was awesome and brilliant fun to play with! It was just like looking in a big mirror! I hope I get that big by the time I'm 7 months old. 

I sat and watched all the others walk up and down the hall for a while and then gave it ago myself and showed everyone what I was made of.

I'm looking forward to next weeks class. Apparently I'm getting a special show lead that I will wear to all my future classes.

I have been practising standing on the table at home today and I'm getting the hang of it so quickly! I think I'm going to really enjoy all this showing stuff!


I'm growing up

Posted on Monday, 15 April 2013

Well, I guess it's about time I made a second post to my new blog! I see I have gained some new followers already! Thank you guys and I hope you enjoy my posts.

A few pupdates...

I am hopefully going along to the FBCE champ show in Surrey on the 21st April with my mum, dad, Granny P, my frenchie mum, sister, aunt and cousin. I hear there will be Frenchies everywhere! Hundreds of them!

I now know the sit command and am getting good at lying down. I'll do pretty much anything when there is food involved!

Taken when I first got my coat.
Now it barely covers my bottom!
I now weigh 6kg and have almost outgrown my camo coat! I will have to get my mum to take some new photos of me soon as I have grown so much!!  I still have a lot of growing to do though.

One of my friends on a dog forum this morning described my breed as: "They're one of the breeds that seem to have a personality bigger than they are, like nobody told them that they're small." 

... We're not that small! Not compared to a Chihuahua (which some silly lady actually mistook me for once - made being called a Pug seem not so bad after all).

All this talk of growing is making me hungry! Off I go to scoff my lunch.



Posted on Saturday, 13 April 2013

Bare with me whilst I figure out how to use Blogger for the very first time.

I am Bernie, a male French Bulldog, born 10th December 2012. The idea behind this blog is to allow you to see what I get up to and read about any new experiences I undertake. I will also use it to share information, tips and news that interests me.

Let me bring you up to date with everything that has happened in the past couple months... At 11 weeks of age I came to my new home. I had previously been living with Granny P (breeder), my frenchie mum and my two sisters. Apparently my new mum and dad had been waiting a very long time for me. She told me it had taken her a year to find Granny P and another 11 months on Granny P's waiting list! What can I say, I was obviously worth waiting for!

I was exhausted after all the excitement of moving to my new home that I just couldn't wait to curl up in my new bed with my new friend, teddy and catch some Z's.

Mum and dad let me sleep in their bedroom with them on the first night with the later intention of moving me into the kitchen at night times (which didn't happen - I now sleep at the end of the bed teehee)

My baby teeth started coming through within the next few days which made one of my ears curl back temporarily. My mum found me a nice cold carrot from the fridge which helped a little. I had more fun covering her in little pieces of carrot than anything else.

Apologies for the last picture. My dad likes to turn me upside down which pulls all my skin folds up around my face, he says it makes me look like a pug...

I got a new coat a couple of weeks ago. Here's me modelling it, camouflaged against the tall grass... If you can see me. Hehe. Check out my new Cujo harness too. 

So, I think I pretty much have this blogging malarky figured out. You can expect more pupdates from me very soon. 

Please follow and check back to watch me grow and read about my experiences.


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