Follow-Up Friday

Posted on Friday, 28 March 2014

Welcome to our very first 'Follow-Up Friday' post which will be permanently replacing 'Fridays Frenchie Finds'.

Every Friday we will now be wrapping up the week by responding to some of our reader's comments and questions that have been kindly left on our posts.

Laika said: Hoorrayyy for your mom and dad's parents who open their door for you, so you will have some adorable platmates.

We are incredibly lucky to have such supportive family members. I have loved having lots of new playmates also. Both humans and dogs and been incredibly welcoming to us.

Earl Lover said: Wilf (and Bella!) are lovely dogs it seems! Have fun little Bernie!

They're technically my Aunt and Uncle! How funny is that?! I've had tonnes of fun with both of them. Bella loves to chuck toys up in the air for me to catch whilst Wilf likes to run with them in his mouth to make me chase him.

Kelley Caton said: Wilf is gorgeous . . . not that we're a biased, GSD family or anything. Glad to hear that he shares toys. Roxy does not.

He's such a big softy and he's loved playing with all my toys. He carries them down low so that I can grab hold of them easily. He's awesome :D  

Pawed Couture said: Hi Bernie! It's so lovely to meet you... I LOVE your camo coat, it is such a shame it doesn't fit anymore but maybe you will get a lovely new one for next year?
Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

Thank you, it's lovely to meet you too :) I'm sure mum will find me something equally as snazzy to wear next time the cold weather comes in.

Jeanne Pursell said: Hi there!! We are popping in to say hello!! What a beautiful blog you have here! You really are hidden in that camouflage! 

Hi Jeanne! We're really glad you like our blog as we'd just given it a brand new look this week! We changed absolutely everything! Template, banner, layout, buttons... The lot!

M. K. Clinton said: I almost didn't see you in your camouflage! BOL!! Bark More, Growl Less Barking from the Bayou!

That was the best thing about that coat! I won at all the hide and seek games! 

howiadoptedyourbrother said: No food is safe around here. Everything has to be locked up... mostly to keep the CAT from getting it. But the dogs are opportunists and will happily eat anything he happens to leave lying around. 

I really don't like cats! Especially not the two that we were staying with before. They would occasionally eat my kibble but more than anything they'd enjoy barracading me in one of the many bedrooms. Big meanies!

Emma said: We all eat at the same time out of our own bowls, but if we get up and leave without finishing, one of us will go clean out the bowl in no time flat!

I have different feeding times to the dogs here and mum doesn't want to upset my routine that I've had the same for so long so we get shut off from one another when our own feeding times come. We shan't be staying here much longer anyway.

OhMyShihTzu said: There is nothing greater in the world than a smooshy face!!!

We couldn't agree more! We love our smooshy faced breeds. Their little faces are just so kissable!

Jackie Bouchard said: Cute! I'd love to snuggle up with you! It's a chilly day here in So Cal, so perfect for snuggling!

We love nothing more than a good snuggle! I always insist on getting under the duvet with mum and dad in the mornings. I head-butt them until they lift the duvet for me! BOL! Enjoy your snuggles!

Ruckus Eskie asked: HAHA you became the scardey cat?! Getting to know the black and whites. I love that title. Thanks for sharing on Thoughtless Thursday! PS...maybe you will just need more time to warm up to them!

Yep! Everything improves with time :) It's helped that they've been over every day this week. Toby wanted to play again today but I'm still not quite sure. He's so huge! Let's hope I can be a little bit braver with him next week.

Earl Lover said: How fun! Have joined up, and will use tomorrow's EW special 'Paws Up! Its Friday!' to link up an post some paw some ideas. PAWSOME!! Lots of Woofs from Earl and I at Earls World! 

That's brilliant news! Looking forward to reading your post and ideas today! I think this challenge is going to be just fab for bringing our blog on.

Me, You and Zu said: I'm so glad you signed up for the challenge and our A-Z Blog Hop! I love your list of ideas...I'm super impressed with all that you have. I'm still lacking a few letters.... :) I can't wait to see your posts and get to know you guys better! Ruby ~ Me, You and Zu
We're glad too! We're also proud to be part of the blog hop! It took us a good couple hours to come up with our list but we're very pleased with it. We'll occasionally think of something new and go back and add it on too. You're very welcome to use any of our ideas, that is why we shared them after all :) See you in April!

weliveinaflat said: I thought the AtoZ is quite a challenge. Good luck with that! ;)
It sure is but we love nothing more than a challenge and we think it will be very beneficial for us to take part and will help bring our blogging along.

Well! That's the week wrapped up! I'm pooped after all that typing but definitely enjoyed it! I've been playing non-stop this week with my new play mates as well so I think it's time for a well deserved nap! See you tomorrow!


  1. What a great follow up , we wanted to do this for so many time and maybe we will do our first follow up on next friday

    1. You should! It's quite enjoyable and it sets time aside to actually respond to comments :)

  2. Bernie,

    Follow up Friday is a great idea, we will make sure we stop by every week to read your responses.
    You is just too cute too. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

    1. That's great news! Thanks for popping by and leaving the kind comment :)



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