F is for French Bulldog

Posted on Monday, 7 April 2014

What a brilliant topic! Today I get to tell you all about... Well, ME!

5 months old

What's great about being a French Bulldog?
Everyone I meet wants to snuggle with me
I'm small enough to be allowed on all the furniture
but sturdy enough to stand my ground in a game of tug
My smooshy face makes me very kissable
My shadow looks like Batman
I'm very sociable and get on with every one
You can count on me to finish a meal
My butt looks like Jesus (wearing BIG shoes)
I have the biggest 'puppy eyes' of all and know how to work them
I'll never leave your side, even when you're on the loo
I don't need much exercise
which leaves me with more time to do my favourite thing... Sleep!

7 months old

And... The NOT so great?
I get tripped over a lot
I get called a Pug everyday
When I was a pup someone even thought I was a Chihuahua
I don't do so well in hot weather and I'm prone to overheating
My rear ended love-guffs will eventually kill all receptors in your nostrils
I look like a loaf of bread when I sleep with my legs tucked under
I get nicknames like; Loaf, Little Ham, Hog and Piglet
I can't lick myself - apparently the best thing about being a dog! :(
I don't like to be left alone, EVER!
I regurgitate my food when I've eaten too fast - I see this as a positive as I get more to eat!

15 months old
For those interested, here is the

General Appearance
Sturdy, compact , solid, small dog with good bone, short, smooth coat. No point exaggerated, balance essential. Dogs showing respiratory distress highly undesirable.

Full of courage, yet with clown-like qualities. Bat ears and short tail characteristic features of the breed.

Vivacious, deeply affectionate, intelligent.

Head and skull
Head square in appearance and in proportion to dog’s size. Skull nearly flat between ears, domed forehead. The skin covering the skull and forehead should be supple enough to allow fine wrinkling when the dog is alert. Well defined muzzle, broad, deep and set back, muscles of cheeks well developed. Stop well defined. Lower jaw deep, square, broad, slightly undershot and turned up. Nose black and wide, relatively short, with open nostrils and line between well defined. Lips black, thick, meeting each other in centre, completely hiding teeth. Upper lip covers lower on each side with plenty of cushion, never so exaggerated as to hang too much below level of lower jaw.

Preferably dark and matching. Moderate size, round, neither sunken nor prominent, showing no white when looking straight forward; set relatively wide apart and on same level as the stop.

’Bat ears‘, of medium size, wide at base, rounded at top; set high, carried upright and parallel, a sufficient width of skull preventing them being too close together; skin soft and fine, orifice as seen from the front, showing entirely. The opening to the ear canal should be wide and open.

Slightly undershot. Teeth sound and regular, but not visible when the mouth is closed. Tongue must not protrude.

Powerful, well arched and thick, of moderate length.

Legs set wide apart, straight boned, strong, muscular and short.

Cobby, muscular and well rounded with deep wide brisket and ribs well sprung. Strong, gently roached back. Good ‘cut up’. The body while broader at the shoulders should narrow slightly beyond the ribs to give definition to the relatively short, thick, strong, muscular loin.

Legs strong, muscular and relatively longer than forelegs with moderate angulation. Absolute soundness essential. Hocks well let down.

Small, compact and placed in continuation of line of leg, with absolutely sound pasterns. Hind feet rather longer than the fore-feet. Toes compact; well knuckled; nails short, thick and preferably black.

Undocked, short, set low, thick at root, tapering quickly towards tip, preferably straight and long enough to cover anus, never curling over back nor carried gaily.

Free and flowing. Soundness of movement of the utmost importance.

Texture fine, smooth, lustrous, short and close.

Brindle, pied or fawn. Tan, mouse and grey/blue highly undesirable.
Brindle: a mixture of black and coloured hairs. May contain white provided brindle predominates.
Pied: white predominates over brindle. Whites are classified with pieds for show purposes; but their eyelashes and eye rims should be black. In pieds the white should be clear with definite brindle patches and no ticking or black spots.
Fawn: may contain brindle hairs but must have black eye lashes and eye rims.

Ideal weight: dogs: 12.5 kgs (28 lbs); bitches: 11 kgs (24 lbs). Soundness not to be sacrificed to smallness.

Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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  1. Hey Bernie! Great post...I love the nicknames and I know how it feels when people think your something your not...people always think I'm a poodle :/ Ted x x

  2. Frenchies are definitely one of my favourite breeds. But then having Griffons I'm biased to those squishy faces! I love the "looking like a loaf of bread" comment LOL

  3. Bernie, I do apologize--I'd be one to call you a Pug :( Thanks for sharing all this about your breed--sounds pretty awesome! My dogs are all cross-cross-breeds, which is awesome, too, but kind of unpredictable ;)

    Thanks for stopping over at Life In Dogs , and I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  4. Bernie, your very much a French Bulldog, not a Pug :-)
    I think you are a very handsome young chap!

    Earl and I.

  5. What a perfect "F" post for today and so good to learn more about you Bernie.

  6. I kinda need to see a picture of your butt, now.

  7. The perfect letter! Luna too has problems when she eats too quickly.

    Jessica | Beagles and Bargains

  8. Yet another great post Bernie! I love French Bulldog's and well, this has been quite useful. I'm glad to know for sure that my uncle is a good Frenchie breeder :)

    Jessica, Charlie Boy, Roman, Brooke, Snarfy and Kitty-Aslan xxxx

  9. I cracked up with the mention of the shadow and Batman - cute post, lot's I didn't know about Bernie.

  10. Yeah, I finks we all need to see dis Jesus-lookin butt.

  11. What a great post, we think your pretty awesome!! Following from the blog hop!!



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