G is for Grooming

Posted on Tuesday, 8 April 2014

We are a little later with posting today as mum has been busy attending midwife appointments and getting her Hospital bag ready. Exciting!

Today for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, we have the letter G! We've decided to show you the grooming needs of a French Bulldog aka ME!

Being a Frenchie, I don't require much to keep me in tip-top condition...

The occasional bath when I get too stinky...

Is this where I get fed my Wainwrights now?

That's right, don't forget my cheeks. I love to rub my face in fox poop and dead birds.

A good brush when I'm in shed...

Mum got the new Kong Zoom Groom!

Don't mind me, I'm just snacking on some tasty grass whilst you brush my butt!

My nails kept nice and short with a Nail Grinder...

Make sure they're all the same length mum!

My ears cleaned using cotton balls, cooled boiled water and Thornit powder...

Um, where are you planning on sticking that cotton ball?...

Ugh no! Not in my lug-holes! DO-NOT-LIKE!

My face cleaned using baby wipes, cotton wool and sometimes special eye stuff for any stubborn tear stains...

Still don't like...

Sudocrem for any acne and keeping my tail pocket clean...

There's something on my chin and I just cannot get to it!

Olive oil put on my snout when it gets dry...

TOTALLY DISLIKE!!! Rubbing it all off! Hah!!


It's all over?! Good! Now, where's my treat!

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  1. I love Bernie. He's such a character. Thank you for sharing all these entertaining photos and tips!

    Earl and I.

  2. You are so cute... cute enough to make me forget about all the poop and dead bird remnants in your face folds!

  3. Whoah, pal, look how still you hold in the sink. I try to wriggle my way out whenever I get bathed!
    I did not even know that something like a Nail Grinder exists, my humans use clippers to cut my nails, but I think they have only done that like once? Usually they are pretty short, but we will look into that Nail Grinder thingy.

  4. Looking good after all that groooming. Fox poop and dead birds...perfect!

  5. Wow, a really well groomed little guy! And so good about it all, I don't think my dogs would be very happy with a nail grinder.

  6. We tried to bathe Luna in the sick, but she just kept jumping out, so we use the bath tub.

  7. Omigoodness! What a routine! That's pretty comprehensive! Our new puppy needs a good grooming, but I'm not sure how to go about it. The Aussies have always been easy. Hmm.



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