March 2014


Monday Mischief: Almost made it!

Posted on Monday, 31 March 2014

I almost made it the whole week without any mischief! 


I'd been such a good boy all week... Until about two minutes ago when I jumped onto the bed and scrambled across dad's laptop popping out five of the keys and sending them flying across the room behind me. Mum and dad have found all but 1. Literally, the number one. They can't find it anywhere! I didn't eat it! Promise!

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Follow-Up Friday

Posted on Friday, 28 March 2014

Welcome to our very first 'Follow-Up Friday' post which will be permanently replacing 'Fridays Frenchie Finds'.

Every Friday we will now be wrapping up the week by responding to some of our reader's comments and questions that have been kindly left on our posts.

Laika said: Hoorrayyy for your mom and dad's parents who open their door for you, so you will have some adorable platmates.

We are incredibly lucky to have such supportive family members. I have loved having lots of new playmates also. Both humans and dogs and been incredibly welcoming to us.

Earl Lover said: Wilf (and Bella!) are lovely dogs it seems! Have fun little Bernie!

They're technically my Aunt and Uncle! How funny is that?! I've had tonnes of fun with both of them. Bella loves to chuck toys up in the air for me to catch whilst Wilf likes to run with them in his mouth to make me chase him.

Kelley Caton said: Wilf is gorgeous . . . not that we're a biased, GSD family or anything. Glad to hear that he shares toys. Roxy does not.

He's such a big softy and he's loved playing with all my toys. He carries them down low so that I can grab hold of them easily. He's awesome :D  

Pawed Couture said: Hi Bernie! It's so lovely to meet you... I LOVE your camo coat, it is such a shame it doesn't fit anymore but maybe you will get a lovely new one for next year?
Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

Thank you, it's lovely to meet you too :) I'm sure mum will find me something equally as snazzy to wear next time the cold weather comes in.

Jeanne Pursell said: Hi there!! We are popping in to say hello!! What a beautiful blog you have here! You really are hidden in that camouflage! 

Hi Jeanne! We're really glad you like our blog as we'd just given it a brand new look this week! We changed absolutely everything! Template, banner, layout, buttons... The lot!

M. K. Clinton said: I almost didn't see you in your camouflage! BOL!! Bark More, Growl Less Barking from the Bayou!

That was the best thing about that coat! I won at all the hide and seek games! 

howiadoptedyourbrother said: No food is safe around here. Everything has to be locked up... mostly to keep the CAT from getting it. But the dogs are opportunists and will happily eat anything he happens to leave lying around. 

I really don't like cats! Especially not the two that we were staying with before. They would occasionally eat my kibble but more than anything they'd enjoy barracading me in one of the many bedrooms. Big meanies!

Emma said: We all eat at the same time out of our own bowls, but if we get up and leave without finishing, one of us will go clean out the bowl in no time flat!

I have different feeding times to the dogs here and mum doesn't want to upset my routine that I've had the same for so long so we get shut off from one another when our own feeding times come. We shan't be staying here much longer anyway.

OhMyShihTzu said: There is nothing greater in the world than a smooshy face!!!

We couldn't agree more! We love our smooshy faced breeds. Their little faces are just so kissable!

Jackie Bouchard said: Cute! I'd love to snuggle up with you! It's a chilly day here in So Cal, so perfect for snuggling!

We love nothing more than a good snuggle! I always insist on getting under the duvet with mum and dad in the mornings. I head-butt them until they lift the duvet for me! BOL! Enjoy your snuggles!

Ruckus Eskie asked: HAHA you became the scardey cat?! Getting to know the black and whites. I love that title. Thanks for sharing on Thoughtless Thursday! PS...maybe you will just need more time to warm up to them!

Yep! Everything improves with time :) It's helped that they've been over every day this week. Toby wanted to play again today but I'm still not quite sure. He's so huge! Let's hope I can be a little bit braver with him next week.

Earl Lover said: How fun! Have joined up, and will use tomorrow's EW special 'Paws Up! Its Friday!' to link up an post some paw some ideas. PAWSOME!! Lots of Woofs from Earl and I at Earls World! 

That's brilliant news! Looking forward to reading your post and ideas today! I think this challenge is going to be just fab for bringing our blog on.

Me, You and Zu said: I'm so glad you signed up for the challenge and our A-Z Blog Hop! I love your list of ideas...I'm super impressed with all that you have. I'm still lacking a few letters.... :) I can't wait to see your posts and get to know you guys better! Ruby ~ Me, You and Zu
We're glad too! We're also proud to be part of the blog hop! It took us a good couple hours to come up with our list but we're very pleased with it. We'll occasionally think of something new and go back and add it on too. You're very welcome to use any of our ideas, that is why we shared them after all :) See you in April!

weliveinaflat said: I thought the AtoZ is quite a challenge. Good luck with that! ;)
It sure is but we love nothing more than a challenge and we think it will be very beneficial for us to take part and will help bring our blogging along.

Well! That's the week wrapped up! I'm pooped after all that typing but definitely enjoyed it! I've been playing non-stop this week with my new play mates as well so I think it's time for a well deserved nap! See you tomorrow!


Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

Posted on Thursday, 27 March 2014


We only just heard about this today and it starts in 5 days!! We think it sounds like fantastic fun so we've decided to take up the challenge!

And it will be a challenge for us as we may well be moving into our new house in the middle of it all! To help ourselves, we'll be pre-writing our posts a few days in advance so that they're ready to post when each day comes along. 

The idea is to blog from A - Z during April. That's 26 posts! 'But there are 30 days in April!' I hear you say! Well, Dudley Dursley is here to tell you:

So, you start with the letter A on the 1st April, going through the alphabet until you finish with Z on the 30th! You can choose a theme for the month or go random like we'll be doing.

We're preparing early and have decided to share with you our many topic ideas that we have come up with for each of the 26 letters. Of course you only need one topic per letter but it's good to get lots of ideas flowing. Here's what we've brainstormed up so far:

A - April fools, Age, Agility, Adoption
B - Bulldogs, Breeds, Breeding, Bernie
C - Cats, Charity, Commands
D - Dangerous, Digging
E - Ears, Eating, Exciting
F - Frenchies, Food, Family, Fitness, Friends, Forums
G - Grooming, Get ready, Grr
H - History, Health, Herbal
I - Interview, Insurance
J - Jumping, Judging
K - Kisses, Kibble
L - Little ham, Love, Loyalty
M - Moving, Medicine, Mutts
N - Natural, Nutrition, Nap, Nose, Nails, Nicknames
O - Owner
P - Puppy, Purebred, Paws
Q - Quiet, Quirky
R - Raw
S - Social Media, Sleep, Siblings, Supplements
T - Tricks, Treats, Toys, Theft
U - Up, Unbelievable, Upbeat
V - Vets, Vegetables
W - Water, Wishes, Wellness
X - X marks the spot, Xtreme
Y - Yawn, Yappy
Z - Zero, Zoom, Zzz

There are already well over 1,500 bloggers taking part including many pet bloggers like myself (we are #1694). So why don't you join us? Click here to take on the challenge!

Check out the blog hop below to see which other pet blogs will be participating in the challenge. Some others have also posted helpful ideas.


Thoughtless Thursday: Getting to know the Black & Whites

The Black & Whites aka Toby & Dave... We're still working on our relationship but things have gotten much better within just a few days! They'll have to get used to me as they're going to be seeing a lot of me now that we're living just down the road from them.

They've always been very wary of new dogs and new situations and didn't like me at all when they first met me. All I wanted to do was play with them but they would growl and snap at me if I got too close. Dave (Little Man) is now happy to come over to me but gets a little scared still when I try to initiate play.

Toby has been the hardest to convince that I'm not going to hurt him. If a human is sat next to him he feels he needs to protect them from me... I'm not sure what he thinks I'm going to do? The tables turned yesterday and he suddenly decided he DID want to play! He was a little too boisterous and it ended up with ME being the scaredy cat! Ooh dear!

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I love North Devon!

Posted on Tuesday, 25 March 2014

This is our 4th day of staying at my dad's parents - remember I posted previously about how we're staying with them until our house is ready to move into? Well, we've settled in very well indeed. Brian & Sally the Bearded Dragons are slowly getting used to being in a new place as well. It's taken them longer to settle as the car journeys always stress them out.

I love the bed here. It's mums old bed and it's a queen size!! It's amazing!! Apparently we're taking it to the new house with us! That's music to my ears!

'What's that mum? I'm in your spot?'

Owhh, fine! I'll move..

Dad's side is much better anyway!

It's beautiful here in North Devon with lots of beaches and country-side to explore. Mum and dad grew up here but moved to Bristol just before I joined the family so this is all very exciting for me. I saw something new for the first time today whilst walking on the Northam Burrows! I can only describe them as clouds with legs! They didn't half look funny.

 What are those white things? They look hilarious!

'I hound a hick!'

I'm slowly making friends with Toby & Dave. These are my dad's sisters dogs (I guess you can call them my cousins!) and they're very wary of new dogs so it's taking some time for them to get to know me. I've tried to play with them in the past but always been snapped and growled at. As of today, Dave is no longer scared of me and is now happy to come up to me. Gaining Toby's trust is taking a little longer. He was rescued from an abusive owner two years ago so it takes him a while to feel safe in new situations.

I'm sure we'll get there eventually :)


Monday Mischief: Food thief!

Posted on Monday, 24 March 2014

Much to everyone's surprise the title is NOT referring to me! I actually have very good manners when it comes to food. I won't even scoff all the kibble if mum accidentally leaves the open bag on the floor! The thief in question goes by the name of Wilf!!! 

He's great when it comes to respecting my toys, but my food?! Another story entirely!! His rules are quite clearly; his house, his food! Mum's had to move my food bowls into hers and dads bedroom otherwise if left unattended the food will 'mysteriously' vanish!

I forgive him though. He's brilliant fun to rough house with after all!

Hey! I'm not food! Don't eat me!

Mum says I'm getting a taste of my own medicine, whatever that means. I think she's referring to when we stayed at her parents and I kept sneaking into Bella's room and eating all her chicken. Hmm... I take back what I said earlier... Maybe I'm not so good with my manners... Not where chicken is concerned anyway! I'm a Bull Breed! Wha'dya expect?!

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Black and White Sunday: What's with the weather?

Posted on Sunday, 23 March 2014

It's been raining here over the weekend. Not had much of an appearance from that big yellow thing that I've grown to love over the last few weeks. I hope that wasn't our summer been and gone! I think the weather is very confused at the moment, it's even snowing in some places nearby! Talking of rain.. I'm a bit sad that my camo coat no longer fits as it was super warm and looked awesome. It doesn't even cover half my back now and there's no chance of fastening it around my barrel of a chest. This is a photo that I found of me wearing my 'then' favourite coat, taken around this time last year when I was just a few months old. We've adjusted the saturation so we can jump on today's blog hop :)

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Sepia Saturday: Moving in with Wilf

Posted on Saturday, 22 March 2014

As of today, I've got new living quarters!.... Again... This is the situation currently; We had planned to move back to North Devon after living in Bristol for a year in time for when my little brother comes along (June). We have a new house all lined up but won't be moving in until Easter time. Here's the problem though; the builder men have had to go into our house in Bristol to sort our bathroom which is taking forever and requires us being out of the house completely. Since the 6th Feb we've been staying with my mums parents and their dog Bella. You might remember briefly meeting her last month when we went to the beach (Monday Mischief: I believe I own everything I pee on). She's the 'Barking Mad' Bolognese pictured below:

Now we run into another problem! Mums parents have just sold their house and the new owners are picking up the keys at the end of this month!! So today we're packing up the car, again, and heading 13 miles up the road to stay with my dads parents. We'll be with them for the next 3-4 weeks until we get the keys to our new place! In the meantime you'll get to meet their German Shepherd, Wilf! He's awesome and shares all his toys with me. Here's a photo of us taken when I was just a pup:

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Pet Theft Awareness Week


Bernie's mum here, letting you know that today marks the last day of Pet Theft Awareness Week. If you haven't seen these posters floating around the social media sites yet, they're posted below and they contain some scary statistics. 

With pet theft constantly on the rise, owners need to be extra vigilant when out and about with their dogs but also equally vigilant in ensuring their safety when at home. I'm still seeing dogs tied up outside shops and left alone in cars and I worry so much for them. If you're going to go into places where you can't take your dogs with you then leave them at home! They are so much safer there.

Be wary when strangers stop to ask certain questions about your dog. Questions that ring bells for us are; 'What breed is he?', 'Is he neutered?', 'How much did you pay for him?' etc. Lie to strangers if you have to. We've told strangers before that Bernie has diabetes and requires constant medication in hopes of deterring them.

There was a sickening story posted only the other day about a 14 week old Bichon puppy who was left in a critical state with a possible broken hip and leg after being kicked by a man who tried to steal the pup whilst on a walk. The 21 yr old female owner also suffered from a broken nose after being punched in the face by the man.



Thoughtless Thursday: Spring has sprung

Posted on Thursday, 20 March 2014

Spring has well and truly sprung. I've absolutely LOVED playing in the garden over the last week. It's beautiful out there and there are brightly coloured flowers growing everywhere. Mum particularly likes the cherry blossom tree around this time of year. The little bridge has been my favourite to play on this week. It leads around to the back of the summer house where the grass is uncut and so long that no human can see the trouble I get up to. Here are just some of the photos that mum took today:

I hope you enjoyed mums photography. She never seems to put the camera down at the moment. It's becoming permanently attached to her... Not that we mind :)

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Monday Mischief: BBQ'd Bernie

Posted on Monday, 17 March 2014

Bernies mum here! Whoops! What a way to start the week. We were so busy yesterday we completely forgot to jump on the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop! 

We'll make up for it now by combining today and yesterday. Here's the photo we would have posted yesterday which I suppose ties quite nicely into the Mischief theme! Bernie's not normally allowed to sit at the table but we couldn't exactly tell him 'No' with him looking at us like that.

This was taken the other day, Bernie sitting at the table with his people.. Sort of. I'm pretty sure he doesn't realise he's a dog... Somebody had better tell him.

As I said, we were busy yesterday! Well, not busy busy, but we didn't get chance to open the laptop at all. I'm currently getting over another horrid cold as being pregnant is pretty much making my immune system fail. Bernie has actually been super sweet looking after me. I was in bed for a long time yesterday morning as I was feeling so pants and he wouldn't leave my side even though dad was downstairs. 

Nothing makes you feel better quite like a having a Frenchie snuggled up under your chin.

I perked up towards the afternoon and we all went for a BBQ at a friends house. On the way there we made a stop at the garage and Bernie decided to jump from the back seat to the front seat where I was and stuck his foot in a BBQ sauce packet sending sauce all over the middle of the car and all over every one of his 4 legs. Once cleaned up and once there, Bernie was brilliantly behaved and everyone loved him... Until he started bringing over presents from the flower beds... lumps of cow dung. YUMMY! Thanks Bernie!

I'm starting to suspect he knows about these 'Monday Mischief' posts and therefore goes out of his way to help me write them...

Happy Monday and Happy St Patricks Day! 

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Sepia Saturday: Seeing the Sights

Posted on Saturday, 15 March 2014

On one of the many beaches of North Devon sporting my very favourite UrbanPup hoody. This particular spot is lovely and quiet and also fantastic for finding drift wood. Mum and dad normally come here to collect bits and pieces for the Bearded Dragons vivarium. When they're cleaning out the Dragons they sometimes leave the wood on the floor where I get to have a good chew on it before I'm spotted. I shall have to write about the Dragons on my blog at some point. They're sooo weird.

We are very happy to once again be joining Ruckus the Eskie for the Sepia Saturday blog hop.


Thoughtless Thursday: Warmer Weather

Posted on Thursday, 13 March 2014

We've had some smashing weather this week down in the South West of the UK!  It's almost getting to that point where I can hang my head out the window again. Car journeys have been very boring with the windows closed over the last few months.

It's not too hot just yet which means I can still go out for my usual walks and play out in the garden as much as I want... Which has been a lot!

Because of my flat face I tend to struggle when the weather gets too hot. As a result my walks get shortened to help me cope. Last year mum bought me a fab cool coat from Easidri which will be coming out of the cupboard very soon to get used again! We shall be doing a little review on that in the coming weeks as we think it's absolutely superb and therefore want to shout out about it!

Once again we’re taking part in the Thoughtless Thursday blog hop kindly hosted by Ruckus the Eskie. Why don't you join us?!


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